Susanne Sandgren

“I always design with the customer in mind. I want the SANSU woman to feel that she can safely dress beautifully, knowing that sustainability runs through the design process and choice of materials”

Susanne Schanche Sandgren is the founder and designer of SANSU. Norwegian-born and educated in Milan, her style is a blend of Scandinavian minimalism and Italian elegance. Inspired by art, the theory and concept of minimalism, draping techniques and fabric manipulation, as well as her travels and extended stays in New York, Australia, Milan, Paris, Oslo and Copenhagen. She has always been driven by passion and creativity, and started designing her first dresses at age 7. After international marketing studies in Norway and New York, a Masters Degree in fashion and textile design from Milan, and several years of working in the fashion industry with design and sales, she established SANSU in 2019.

A passionate lover of animals, Susanne is committed to never using any real fur, leather or feathers in the SANSU collections, and has strict animal welfare standards for working with wool and silk. Sustainability is a key value, and influences all decisions made throughout the design process and value chain. During her studies in Milan, she became aware of the environmental impact of the fashion and textile industry, and therefore made a vow to herself to always work with fashion in the most sustainable way possible – by designing timeless pieces made to last, in the most eco-friendly fabrics available, yet never at the expense of style, quality and comfort.