Sustainability is important to SANSU. Read on to learn more about some of the materials used to produce our products. 

Plant-dyed Merino wool:
SANSU uses a 100% sustainable Italian plant-dyed and mulesing-free merino yarn. The yarn is dyed using only flowers, leaves, herbs and roots, without any use of chemicals – meaning zero toxic production waste and very little water usage, compared to chemical dyeing processes. Although the dye is 100% natural, the color retention is as good as with chemical dyes. The Italian factory’s technique has been patented, and has been given worldwide certification by Woolmark. Because the wool fibers are not harmed in the dyeing process, the yarn retains its original softness, resulting in a super fine and luxurious product. Discover the beautiful Lise Scarf, made in plant-dyed mulesing-free merino. 

Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fabric, made from cotton production waste. Cotton linter is normally discarded as waste, but can be recycled for the production of Cupro. It is manufactured in a closed loop, meaning that the chemicals used in production can be extracted, and the water can be re-used. The material retains dye very well, meaning less waste in the dyeing process. Cupro is 100% plant based and biodegradable, as breathable as cotton, hypoallergenic, has a beautiful drape, and is often used as a vegan alternative to silk. Explore SANSU's styles made in cupro, like Nola Dress and Cora Blouse

Tencel is made from biodegradable and sustainably harvested wood pulp from Eucalyptus trees, and is produced in a closed loop system, which only uses recycled water. 99% of the chemicals used in the process to make Tencel are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and low emissions. Tencel production actually uses 80% less water than cotton production, and requires no pesticide use! The fabric has softness and strength, is more breathable than cotton and less prone to creasing. Discover our wide range of styles made in tencel, like Anine Top, Anthea Dress and April Blazer

Rolva is a newly developed sustainable fabric in the Tencel/Lyocell family, meaning it is produced in a similar eco-friendly manner. The fabric has great color retention, absorbs moisture, has a nice drape, a higher degree of shine and more of a satin-look than Tencel or Cupro. Explore SANSU's styles made in rolva, like May Skirt and Maya Dress

Viscose is a regenerated cellulose fabric, most often produced from plants such as Eucalyptus, Bamboo, Pine, Beech, Soy or Sugar Cane. The fabric is soft to the touch, regulates body temperature, drapes well and is non-allergenic. Explore our bestselling viscose styles, like Pearl Top, Pearl Pants, Blanche Top and Clair Blouse