Behind the seams: Exploring Luxurious Materials in Sustainable Fashion

Behind the seams: Exploring Luxurious Materials in Sustainable Fashion

At the intersection of sustainability and luxury, you will find SANSU. In sustainable fashion, when considering the longevity of a garment, it is particularly important to be meticulous about fabric choices, and selecting materials that are equally durable, renewable, energy-efficient and bio-degradable as they are beautiful and luxurious. Sustainable fashion is all about creating long-lasting products that have a timeless allure, so that you’ll want to cherish them and wear them again and again. Sourcing fabrics that embody both luxurious and sustainable qualities can be challenging, but it is possible, and at SANSU, every material is carefully chosen based on criteria related to hand-feel, visual appearance, durability and environmental impact. Read on to learn more about some fabrics that are both beautiful and sustainable.



Modal is a luxurious material known for its exceptional softness which feels incredibly supple against the skin. The fibers are finer than cotton, contributing to modal’s silk-like texture, and the fabric has a subtle sheen which gives it a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. Modal has a beautiful drape, hanging elegantly and flowing smoothly over the body, which gives it a distinctly high-end feel. The fabric is breathable and very durable, with its ability to retain its softness and shape even after multiple washes. Modal is made from beech trees, which is a renewable source. These trees grow quickly without the need for pesticides or irrigation, reducing the environmental impact at the raw material stage. Modal is produced in a closed-loop system where both the water and solvents are recycled and re-used in future production cycles, which greatly reduces the pollution caused by manufacturing. Lastly, being made from a natural raw-material, modal is bio-degradable and will eventually decompose, unlike synthetic materials. The beautiful Daria Top from SANSU is made from 100% modal, and is your perfect timeless base layer, which feels incredibly soft and luxurious against the skin.



Tencel is a luxurious fabric appreciated for its softness, smooth texture and beautiful drape. It has a supple hand-feel, and even better breathability than cotton. It is an incredibly versatile material, and can be manufactured to achieve different hand-feels and appearances. It can be processed to mimic various textures like silk, cotton or linen, and Tencel fabrics can vary in weight, thickness and finish. Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees, which are grown on sustainably managed plantations, without the need for pesticides or irrigation. Like modal, Tencel is produced in a closed-loop system, where the water, chemicals and solvents used to break down the wood pulp are recycled and re-used, minimizing waste and environmental impact. And the material is of course bio-degradable. There are plenty of beautiful Tencel pieces to choose from at SANSU, like Anine Top made in a medium weight 100% Tencel twill, or Sophia Dress, made in a lightweight woven Tencel which feels similar to a cotton/linen blend.



Cupro is a luxurious fabric, often referred to as vegan silk, and loved for its smooth texture, silk-like hand-feel and beautiful sheen. It drapes exquisitely, making it a naturally popular choice for dresses and blouses. Cupro is considered a sustainable material, as it is made from regenerated cellulose fibers, typically from cotton linter, a byproduct of cotton production which was previously considered waste. The fabric is produced in a closed-loop system where solvents and chemicals are recycled and re-used, minimizing waste and reducing the use of resources. Additionally, cupro retains dye very well, meaning less waste and pollution in the dyeing process. The fabric is as breathable as cotton, hypoallergenic and bio-degradable. SANSU has several pieces made from beautiful cupro, like the striking and versatile Nola Dress, and the stunningly bias-cut Cora Blouse, which really showcases the exquisite drape of cupro.


Plant-dyed merino wool:

Plant-dyeing is still a rarity in large-scale industrial textile production, but there is a small tintoria (dyeing house) outside of Milan, which has developed and patented an industrial method of plant-dyeing yarn, and been given word-wide certification by Woolmark. The dyeing process is completely free of chemicals and toxins, and the yarns are dyed using only renewable roots, flowers, leaves and other plants, meaning there is zero pollution involved in the process. Although the dye is 100% natural, the colour retention is as good as with chemical dyes. There is also the added benefit of the fibers not being exposed to and harmed by chemicals, leaving the yarn incredibly soft and luxurious against the skin. SANSU has created the beautiful Lise Scarf in this plant-dyed merino wool, which is also mulesing-free. This scarf is the embodiment of modern sustainable luxury, and the perfect piece to drape over your shoulders no matter the season.


With an unwavering commitment to quality and eco-consciousness, at SANSU, every fabric choice is a meticulous balance of elegance and sustainability. From the supple softness of modal, to the exquisite drape of cupro, and the stunning versatility of Tencel, each material is chosen with the utmost care, ensuring not only a luxurious feel, but also a minimal environmental footprint. As you explore the fabrics that make up the SANSU collections, may you find inspiration in the harmony of beauty and sustainability. Join SANSU in the mission to redefine luxury in fashion, one sustainable thread at a time.

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